The earth’s natural resources are scarce. As we are well aware of this, we assume a very special responsibility for future generations.


At the same time, new construction projects may raise the standard of living and improve social conditions.


This is why we consider all our tasks to be Green Building projects, an approach that starts with site selection includes all construction phases and ends with the disposal of residue materials.


But also in operational terms, we ensure efficient and energy-saving Facility Management.



Syncron engineers adopt a holistic approach and view projects over their entire life cycle. All processes are transparent and well structured, from the initial idea for a building to its demolition.


Quality and quantity requirements are observed in each project phase, as are costs as well as time schedules.


Ongoing communication in the form of an open exchange of information is our proven standard.


All of a building’s production and utilization-related procedures, if implemented in a professional manner, can improve social wellbeing.

This is our claim.

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